Women on Target

Need a ladies night out? Want something different to do with your friends? Would you feel better going with a group of friends to learn about guns and gun safety? If you answered yes to any of this…

Permit to Carry Class

This course is approved by the Minnesota BCA and is a prerequisite to acquiring your permit. The course teaches firearm safety, basic shooting techniques, proper storage legal considerations and critical incidents.

The S.W.A.T. Experience

Looking for a different type of class? Something to keep you intrigued while teaching you tactical skills? Then this may be the class for you. This is not a class for first time shooters. This is…

Minnesota Gun Safety is the best way to earn your Firearm Safety Certificate

Instructor will display the different parts of

NRA Basic Pistol Class

This is an NRA certified course. The course begins in the classroom where students learn about gun safety. A variety of pistols, shooting techniques, ammunition, pistol parts, operations, grip, stance and malfunctions. Students will receive the…

On the Mark Firearms Training for Men & Women

Want an experience like you never have had before? New to shooting? Avid shooter? Or just interested in doing something different?!