The S.W.A.T. Experience

Looking for a different type of class? Something to keep you intrigued while teaching you tactical skills? Then this may be the class for you. This is not a class for first time shooters.

This is an advanced course offered to avid shooters who want to hone their skills in a high-tech advanced course. This course includes live fire, movement while firing, hands on self-defense, home self-defense plans, room clearing, weapon capabilities, real life scenario training with force on force, active shooter response, vehicle assaults, team building exercises and overall improving your shooting skills. Scenario training involves airsoft replica handguns with role players who shoot back. A shooting competition will compleet the course. The class is a 4 day class – approximately 3.5 hours per day. The class will generally be held one evening night a week for a month.

Items needed
  • handgun, holster, two magazines, magazine pouches, 250 rounds of ammunition
  • If you do not have any of these items please contact PSSI to make arrangements.