On the Mark Firearms Training for Men & Women

Want an experience like you never have had before? New to shooting? Avid shooter? Or just interested in doing something different?!

On the Mark is a fun and informative way to get hands-on weapons familiarity with a variety of guns. You’ll safely fire the weapons at our outdoor range while learning more about each of them.

From handguns like a Walther P22 to a Glock 40, you will get a sense of which type of gun is most suitable for you. Then we move to long guns like the 22 Long Rifle and a 20 Gauge Shotgun, to get a better understanding of how each gun works. Then we step it up to an AR15, which is a standard military issue rifle and an AK-74, which is one of the most commonly issued weapons for military use in the world (with the exception of the US and England.) With lots of learning, safety and even more weapons to shoot, this is an experience you won’t want to miss out on.

This class is $130. Special pricing if you bring a friend, date or spouse; or for private groups.

Please make sure to dress accordingly for the outdoor range. PSSI will work with you if inclement weather deters class on your scheduled day. And since we live in MN, these classes will only be held June through September. Please check our calendars for class availability.